Why the about face

Why the about face

Posted by Mike Rowe on 8 August 2016 | Comments

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If you're buying print ads you've probably been accosted (not my word but one of my customer's!) by your sales rep about their updates to Premium Hosted Websites. Are you curious as to the changes between January and July? They are now offering your own inventory pages within your site. Whoopee. We've been doing it since 2012. Why are they just now doing it? They realize the gig is up and they're scrambling to get with the times. Digital marketing moves at a much higher pace than the print world which is one reason we started doing this in 2012.

Websites with your own data and inventory published in them are what we call Private Label. When I show a dealer how it works they quickly learn that they've been building an analytics war chest for the publisher by having their "used to be free" websites build traffic and relevance for the publishers inventory page in the iframe. Nobody has seen this feature from the print guys yet though because it is a "coming soon" option. You're spending thousands of dollars a month and yet they still want you to start paying for a website that they were happy to provide free of charge since day one. Why the about face?

Google in the last 12 to 18 months has made some very serious changes to their search algorithms to promote local search results before larger aggregator sites when possible. Equipment Locator designed sites have been building footprint and relevance on the web for our dealers. In fact, we won't even build a static HTML site but they will (for $995). Our dealer sites have slowly and surely been working hard so this has been a smooth transition. Who it hasn't been smooth for are the dealers with next to nothing for a footprint in the search engines. They are suffocating in the search engines. It's literally like a needle in a haystack when you don't have localization and content pages built in to your site.

We have single store dealerships that have more footprint that dealers 10X their size. One of these dealers is Lowe & Young in Wooster, Ohio. The last time I looked, they had over 15,000 pages in Google. Now compare that to a 10 store Case IH dealer in Iowa with millions more in inventory that only has 72 pages. If you have some examples from your rep in the email, plug it into Google with the site operator and take a look for yourself. I show only 25 pages for the first one in this particular list forwarded to me. The same way publishers try to get as many pages in their magazines for revenue is why you need to do the same for your website. Content is king and without it your competitors can come in and crowd you out.

As an equipment dealer you have to spend your money smartly in this economy of low commodity prices and heavy inventory levels. They are even stating

As of right now, we are offering a free initial design and a free web designer consultation – if you’re interested.

So are they going to start charging you in the future just to talk to them about it? Call me. I'll be glad to talk to you, have a screen sharing session, etc. to explain what it is that we do that will bring you greater success at digital marketing. At Equipment Locator our work speaks for itself. Our twenty years of web design and digital dealer marketing experience can help you grow your online presence and ROI.

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