Pillar Equipment - New Kid on the Block

Pillar Equipment - New Kid on the Block

Posted by Mike Rowe on 18 August 2016 | Comments

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Company Background
Pillar Equipment started in June of 2014 with the concept to provide a unique experience every time there is an interaction with customers. With a company motto, "People First", Team Pillar believes it's in the people business. They just happen to sell turf equipment and tractors.

team pillarWe've known Jason Wentland for years, dating back to when he was working for another dealership. When he decided to open his own dealership in the Quad Cities area, we were excited with the opportunity to provide Team Pillar with a high quality website and inventory management system.

A Brand New Business
Pillar Equipment (www.pillareq.com) opened as a brand new dealership featuring Kubota, eXmark, and Husqvarna. Located in John Deere's backyard (about 2 and a half miles from the headquarters and right off of John Deere Parkway), any new dealership would be confronted with the obvious challenges of breaking into a long-established market. But Team Pillar's added challenge: opening up shop in John Deere's shadow with Kubota as the flagship product.

A Proven Partner
As a new business breaking into a challenging market, Pillar needed a proven company to help with their marketing initiatives and consulting. When Team Pillar launched their dealership, they had a brand new website that was on par with dealers that had been around 30+ years. Since then they have added Email Marketing and our in-store tv system called Dealer Sales Channel TV to the list of services we provide.. 


Equipment Locator provided Pillar with an integrated data web site from day one. Their inventory was organized, manageable, and marketable from the start. The dynamic content creation for their Kubota, eXmark, and Hasqvarna inventory allowed Pillar to compete with long time established dealers. Equipment Locator's dynamic, Search-Engine-Optimized website allowed Pillar to communicate with brand new customers from the very first day. Pillar has been able to accomplish more than lead generation; they've established relationships.

We help you meet your challenges
What is your biggest challenge? Breaking into a new market? Moving inventory? Building relationships with new customers? Cultivating relationships with existing customers? Brand awareness? In-store marketing? Whatever your challenge, Equipment Locator has the experience, the background in the equipment industry, and the know-how to help you succeed. We'll build you a high-performance mobile friendly website that will work for you, not against you and come up with a marketing strategy that wins more often than not.

We work for the success of your business from the moment you first contact us to the moment your happy customer leaves your dealership with a purchase. Equipment Locator is a team of web designers, programmers, and support professionals who have been strategically assembled and mobilized to do what we do best so you can do what you do best: move inventory and build relationships.

Contact us. We'll collaborate with you to build your brand, meet your goals, and connect with the people who need your inventory and services.

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