Who Does Your Site Work For?

Posted by Mike Rowe on 5 September 2016 | Comments

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It's Labor Day 2016 and what better question to ask than, who does your site work for? This question should be taken seriously and given deep consideration. Many of you may be thinking "well it works for me! It's my domain name and my logo and contact info is on the site so it must be working for me. I hate to say it, but most of you are wrong in saying this. Let me explain.

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Pillar Equipment - New Kid on the Block

Posted by Mike Rowe on 18 August 2016 | Comments

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Company Background
Pillar Equipment started in June of 2014 with the concept to provide a unique experience every time there is an interaction with customers. With a company motto, "People First", Team Pillar believes it's in the people business. They just happen to sell turf equipment and tractors.

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Why the about face

Posted by Mike Rowe on 8 August 2016 | Comments

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If you're buying print ads you've probably been accosted (not my word but one of my customer's!) by your sales rep about their updates to Premium Hosted Websites. Are you curious as to the changes between January and July? They are now offering your own inventory pages within your site. Whoopee. We've been doing it since 2012. Why are they just now doing it? They realize the gig is up and they're scrambling to get with the times. Digital marketing moves at a much higher pace than the print world which is one reason we started doing this in 2012.

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