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If your just now entering the world of digital marketing know this: Google is where it's at. If you are thinking about putting money into any other venues, don't. Google was created for search alone, for information available at the click of a button. It has always been about the search. It is forward thinking and is interested in marketing your information to the masses. 

When someone searches the web (Google) they see a form of advertising that is becoming more common place with equipment dealers from all over. It's called Search Engine Marketing. It goes by a couple of other names such as "paid search" or "pay-per-click advertising". It impacts everyone who uses a search engine like Google. Ads appear because of strategically chosen keywords and elements like cost bidding, quality score, and relevancy of the keywords. 

If you want to be the first ad on the first page of results for Google, call us, we can get you there. We have been doing Search Engine Marketing for a long time and understand what it takes to get results and make dealers happy.

Equipment Locator is Google Ads Certified. We love bringing highly relevant traffic to your website. Our dealer background drives our thorough keyword analyses, result oriented ad copy, and attention grabbing display ad creation.

Every account we serve is custom, just like your website. We will increase market share according to your dealership needs. There aren't any two dealers that are alike. We don't use the same strategy on every dealer. We go through an interview process and find out your needs and how we can accomplish goals to increase your ROI. Then we get down to business. We are partnered with Google and have been for a number of years. We believe in Google and their products and know and have seen them deliver every time. 



  • PPC marketing wide
      • Placement is based on keywords and as well as cost bidding, quality score, and relevancy of the keywords.


      • We know the equipment industry from both a dealer and buyer perspective so we're able to efficiently craft a campaign for you.


      • Over twenty years serving the equipment industry in digital marketing means you can trust us. We didn't come to town on a load of turnips :). 


  • what you get

    • Common Sense Decisive Ads from our team
    • Comprehensive Tailored Campaigns for your customer demographics and region.
    • Up with the farmers, we look after you daily to make adjustments for maximum performance
    • Access to the person who built your campaign to answer questions or modify your campaign
    • Weekly or Monthly Reports, emailed or presented to you.
    • Honest advice about your campaign/s
  • stay competitive

    • No template campaigns like some brands promote - customized approach to your market
    • Certified specialists working every day to optimize your advertising dollars
    • Accurate placements to get the most return on investment
    • Continual improvements to lessen your cost-per-click rates
    • Active campaign management for new opportunities
    • Competitive intel on what is happening in your territory/area of responsibility




  • sales iconBuild better customer profiling data.


  • search iconUse with our organically SEO rich mobile friendly web sites for top performance.

  • light bulb iconWe are always thinking of new ways to increase traffic.

  • line graphYou'll get more traffic.

  • daily iconOur daily management keeps it tuned up and running right.

  • thumb iconHonest advice means you can believe that we won't do it if it won't help you.


How can Equipment Locator Search Engine Marketing fit into your marketing strategy?


The only goal of search engine marketing is to bring more visitors to your site with the end goal of increasing sales.

With a commercial equipment dealer marketing company that knows dealerships inside and out, we're the logical choice.

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