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Have More Control Over Your Digital Content and Attract More Customers to Your Business.

ELS Location Management Services helps improve your business location presence by updating your locations data, clearing out any expired information and overall helping clients find your business faster.

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We are proud to offer a new service to dealers of all sizes. Have you ever gone through a merger, moved locations, or had a change of phone number, etc.? If you haven't noticed there are a lot of business directories out on the internet that scrape and build pages from the web, secretary of state business filings, utility records, etc. We have partnered with a service that has an API to the most popular directories on the web. Over 100 actually. Location management is a burgeoning SEO tool for any type of business and we are excited to provide it to the equipment industry.


Fields like location, phone number, payment options, including business ratings are scanned so you get an accurate report of your organic search results. Our Location Management Services include cleaning up and getting data about your business, reducing the confusion and clutter from outdated resources. You can boost your interaction with your customers and let them know how your business is doing.

  • As part of a rigorous cleansing, we can verify if the coordinates of all your locations are correct starting from the top three mapping providers in PowerListings® Network — Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • Information about your business is checked for inconsistency, discrepancies, and missing fields, ensuring your data is accurate and up-to-date.


 Put The Best Version Of Your Business On Hundreds Of Apps

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  1. When you go through your portal, you are able to add your own fields andlaptop image brand your business exactly how you want it to.
  2. Improve your chances of higher clickability and engagement to your business site.
  3. Backlinks from each listing made are automatically published on the web (maps, search engines, GPS devices, and social networks), increasing your online impressions.
  4. Improve your business ratings and reputation by engaging with customers and building better relationships.
  5. Always be able to refresh your algorithms, data sources, and compilation methods, no matter how many changes your business undergoes.
  6. Increase the presence of your business not just on the most popular network platforms, you can be listed anywhere locally on smaller sites like Citysearch, White Pages, and more...


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