Domain Name Management

Your domain name is one of the single most critical parts of your online presence. Without it, you're just a number, literally.

Your domain name represents your online brand, and with Equipment Locator's Domain Guard Service, your domain name is always protected

What exactly is Domain Guard from Equipment Locator Services? It's the process of hosting your domain name and making sure it is not lost due to missed renewal emails or transferred out by phishing schemes. You maintain ownership and control but we take over the ability to change ownership. If you want to make changes to your domain or move it somewhere else we always make sure it is approved by the appropriate management personnel before ever making any change.

Since 1995 we have been registering and safe-guarding domain names for ourselves and our customers. Customers that range from single store outdoor power equipment dealers to multi-national corporations have entrusted us to register and manage the safety of their domains. You should too because you can sleep better knowing we're looking out for you.

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